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Why another Grow Room Automation site?

This site is solely for the ongoing development of Grow By Wire, a DIY grow room automation project.

Google that term, "Grow Room Automation", and you'll get tons of hits, all trying to sell you their solutions.

I'm not selling anything.

I will however, give you my solution, I will share with you everything (and I mean everything) I've learned so far about this topic. Although I might provide links to online retailers on occasion, it's either to provide information about a product, or just to make it easier for you to find. I am NOT affiliated with any of these sites, I have no interest in you purchasing anything, ever...

This site serves two purposes, first and foremost, it is my repository of everything I do and learn in my quest to automate my own grow space, and secondly, to make this knowledge available to anyone who wants to spend the time reviewing it. So feel free to simply peruse the site, or to become active and ask questions, share your own ideas, even your own projects.

What this site IS NOT.

This is not a cannabis site, everything here can be applied to any indoor garden, including greenhouses or any protected environment. It just so happens that I am licensed by Health Canada to grow my own cannabis for medical purposes, so you will see it mentioned, but only in the context of the project.

I started on this project in August 2018, and you will see by the proliferation of posts that I am still 100% commited. The posts in the "blog" section are my diary entries, I keep a window open ready to post at all times, and believe me, I do. I also love pictures, I'd rather post a picture that write 1000 words to describe it :)

Are you working on something similar? Perhaps there is something here that inspires you to get started on something like this. If there is something you are looking for that I haven't posted about, let me know. The project has been ongoing for well over a year, and this site has only been up and running for a month or two, and in that time, I've tried to put as much as I can online. Initially all my posts were here on 420 Magazine's Forum, then suddenly they told me I was violating their rules by posting links to my blog, which was located here at Blogger.com

I like the way forums work, the ability to create threads for projects and segregate those threads into boards for different topics, and, especially, to track what you have already read, and what is new. In my opinion, this has many advantages over a regular blog site.

I'm not an expert, I don't have all the answers, and some of the answers I do have are probably wrong. I don't profess to be qualified to teach you anything, only to share what I'm doing, and hope it inspires others to do the same. I'm more than happy to answer any questions related to this project, but please don't ask me to write your school project that is due on monday... I see that so often on sites like Instructables. I can't teach you electronics, or programming, or even how to solder, there are plenty of sites out there dedicated to these things, but I think you will find this site quite unique...

As I said, I'm no expert, and I'm always looking for like minded people to collaborate with, always looking for new ideas and to learn new concepts.

On that note, go explore!
I've put the most recent Blog Posts and DIY projects on the right side of your screen here as a start.

Posting Etiquette

When replying to DIY and Blog posts, please try to make sure you are up to date before telling me I did something wrong.

My Blog posts will contain everything I did, including mistakes, so if something doesn't look right, read on, see if I corrected myself. If not, please do let me know, but if your post does not contribute in a positive way, it WILL be removed. Those two boards are my diary, so please don't mess them up.

Feel free to post your questions in the General Questions/Answers board.

Seeds 'n' Pollen Sharing

Seeds'N'Pollen Introduction

A new forum for Canadians to discuss Cannabis. Sharing of genetics via PM is allowed and encouraged as long as you are sending and receiving genetics from within Canada, and adhere to all Canadian regulations.

I am happy to be a moderator on this innovative new site, and any of you who are taking advantage of your right to grow cannabis legally, I encourage you to come check it out.